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Taipei Factory
RoHS Testing apparatus
We dedicate ourselves to environmental ecology sustainability, all our products are compliant with EU RoHS.
Major customers
◆Delta Eletronics Inc. : Vendor No. 870540
◆LiteOn technology Cooperation: Vender No. 112251
◆Well known LCD panel manufacturers
◆ISO 9001 certification【ISO 9001:2000:TTQ08207】
◆UL-RoHS compliant certification
◆UL-94 V-0 product standard compliant
R&D facilities

Tempo Chemicals Co., Ltd. is the most highly advanced company in Research & Development within Taiwan, with fully equipped testing facilities imported from the most technology advanced countries e.g. Japan, America and Germany. We are equipped with Thermal Resistance Measurement Apparatus for Silicones, Integrating Sphere, Fourier Transform infraed Spectrometer Bio-Rad Excalibur (FTIR), Double Beam Spectrophotometer, Quick Thermal Conductivity Meter, AC Dielectric Test Sets, EDX, GC, GCMS etc. to provide the most professional testing result for ensuring the product’s highest quality standard and we’ve been knowledge to solve any professional problems in chemicals.

Mail facilities
AR 2000ex
The AR 2000ex is extremely versatile and appropriate for a wide variety of applications including fluids of any viscosity,
polymer   melts, solids and reactive materials.
Differential Scanning Calorimetry 1
Model : Q20
Usage: measures temperatures and heat flows associated with thermal transitions in a material. Common usage includes investigation, selection, comparison and end-use performance evaluation of materials in research, quality control and production
Integrating Sphere 14
LED-2010R standard testing quipment
Purpose: LED light & electric measurements
RoHS Detector 12
EDX-700 RoHS standard testing facility: Energy Dispersive X-Ray Fluorescence Spectrometer
Purpose: Non-toxic test, should compliant with EU RoHS standard
LED Continuous irradiation
Purpose: UV continuous irradiation test

Double Beam Spectrophotometer,


Model No.: U-2900
Purpose: Detection of solid or liquid object under different wavelengths of light transmission rate

Gas chromatography-mass spectrometry:


Model: Agilent 5975 inert MSD
Purpose: Qualitative analysis of volatile organic compounds

Gas Chromatograph


Model: GC-14B
Purpose: Qualitative analysis of volatile organic compounds

Fourier Transform infraed Spectrometer Bio-Rad Excalibur


Model: FTS-3000
Purpose: organic material examination

AC Dielectric Test Set Type D149 automated


Model: 6CC100-5/D149 Purpose: breakdown test for endurance of material, with voltage up to 100KV

Ultra Megohmmeter


Model: SM-8220
Purpose: Insulation Resistance Test, 106~1017Ω/cm
surface & volume resistance

Quick Thermal Conductivity Meter 12
Model: QTM-500
Purpose: Testing on rubber, grease and paste materials’ thermal conductivity
Thermal Resistance Measurement Apparatus 1
Model: LW-9091IR
Purpose: Testing on rubber, grease and paste materials’ real functionality
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Automatic Potentiometric Titator Coulometric Moisture Titrator

Ion Chromatography

350° high temperature Oven Mixer & Spinner
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High temperature hanging type Oven Volumetric moisture titrator Digital
Hydrometry meter
HPLC spare type
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Mixer & Spinner Mixer & Spinner Vacuum oven Steam oven Steam boiler
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Mid-temperature oven Mixer & Spinner Digital membrane thickness measure meter Metallurgical Microscope (50~500x)

Microscope (30~40x)

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Corn penetration apparatus
(For grease & rubber use)

(up to 19G)

Mixer & Spinner Mixer & Spinner Flash Point apparatus
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Test tube Centrifugal Separator Large capacity Centrifugal Separator Tensile testing machine

Ball Tack

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